Live in Paris - Reincarnation Blues

…and more from "Live in Paris": Reincarnation Blues. Get the album from the web shop!

live in Paris - To Turn The Last Page

From our new live album "Live in Paris". Get it from the web shop!

Fundamentalist - Live in Paris

A take from the new live album "Live in Paris"…

To Turn The Last Page - live at O Gib, Montreuil-Sur-Seine

A clip originally uploaded on facebook by the club management. Discovered it there and saw much to my surprise and joy how much positive response it had gotten so here it is, featuring Rune Funch - guitar, Johan Dalgaard - keyboards, Assi Roar - bass and Raphaël Chassin - drums. Hope you like!

Take a Break - live at Espace Manureva

12 minutes long rendition but pretty intense, however. Enjoy!

A Thousand Years From Home

A song about life on the road - viewed from a dark angel…

The Florence Blues - live at Espace Manureva, Charleville-Méziéres, France

A spectator who calls herself MJM Blues recorded this with her cell phone, I believe…

Jim Keltner on Aske Jacoby

Trashcan Man outro live

Here's an excerpt of the song "Trashcan Man" taken from our show at Nemoland, Christiania, Copenhagen, on June the 12th 2016. Only the last bit was captured on film but the band is rocking out....

Aske Jacoby 4 - Sweet Louise

Our opening song when we played Lagunen, Nivå, DK, late fall 2015. Daniel's having a hard time controlling his flageolets at the end.......

Take A Break - live @ Nemoland

The song Take A Break from the Chant album usually serves as our final song on live shows. I'm sure you will understand why after you've watched this video....

My Heart Is a Muscle - official music video

My heart Is a muscle, the more it's exercised, the more it will expand, the more it can receive, the more it can contain, open open open up, my heart....

Aske Jacoby 4 Live @ Nu Venue

The songs Chant and Sweet Louise taken from an online concert, recorded at NuVenue, Millfactory Recording Studio, Cph, DK

Luna Plena Super Me promo movie #3 - Perpetual Pleasure

Yet another video about the making of Luna Plena Super Me, this one featuring the song Perpetual Pleasure. Enjoy!

Track By Track #1

"Luna Plena Super Me" means "Full Moon Over Me" but what are the songs really about? This little film, #1 of 3, takes you through the songs track by track. Enjoy - and stay tuned for more!

Luna Plena Super Me promo movie #2 - My Heart Is A Muscle

Further introduction to the process and the artist.......

Trashcan Man promotion video

This is a short video featuring the song Trashcan Man from the 04.16.16. release Luna Plena Super Me. 1st video of 3!

Aske Jacoby solo - In Between

Here's a rare performance of the song "In Between", originally from the legendary 1991 debut album "Not Only For The Royalties". This solo rendition is an excerpt from a concert @ Lagunen, Nivå, DK. This is the encore....the band were just too exhausted to play more!

Lotus -solo from my back yard....

A video made by Le Pop Video Crew from Lithuania. Me playing solo in my back yard...

Isfahan - Feat. AJ3

The rendition of this beautiful Ellington/Strayhorn classic is taken from the Aske Jacoby 3 album Three At Last! The video is directed by Nicky Smith and features me, Assi Roar on bass and Frands Rifbjerg on drums.

Der er ikke indlagt nogen video

To Turn The Last Page - Live@Nemoland

Country music? Folk Music? You tell me...

My Heart Is a Muscle - Live@Nemoland

Not the best sounding recording......but it still has something...other than heavy distortion...

Behind the scenes of My Heart Is A Muscle Music Video.

Sofia Luna & Frederik Vedersø, the lovely back ground vocalists on My Heart Is A Muscle, dressed up as pilots for the shooting of the video for the song.

Trashcan Man - solo

A video made by a local video crew in Örebro, Sweden, during the 2015 edition of the annual Live@Heart Festival. The song, Trashcan Man, will appear in a full band version on the forthcoming album, Luna Plena Super Me.