Busy spring: touring and releasing new album!

Happy new year 2019!!

My apologies for not writing anything new for almost a year! You know, one thing after another…

2018 was a year of search for something new which kicked off a duo project with Danish drummer Kristoffer Sonne. Our music is still on the developing side of things. 

I spent all of May in France, based in Paris, where i played concert all over the country both solo and with my lovely French friends and colleagues: Laurent Vernerey, Denis Benarrosh, Xavier Derouin, Johan Dalgaard as well as my new friends in Alsace Sylvain Troesch (the Troesch coen moen!) and his trio called Two Feet in The Ried. I also managed to write new songs and initiate a new album project with producer Louis Sommer and Johan Dalgaard. Our work will be released later this year. 

In june I had the great pleasure of playing the East-Fest Festival in Helsinki, Finland, with a bunch of wonderful musicians that I didn't knew before the day of the concert. Anyway, they turned out to be highly professional and knew all of my music inside out beforehand. What a great experience! I sincerely hope to do more with them this year…

In July I reunited my old horngroup Vindstød for a concert at the Cph International Jazz Festival, this time joined by my beatiful Danish band, guitarist Rune Funch, bassist Assi Roar and drummer Jon Grundtvig, who happens to be the little brother of my booker, Annie!

I also started a solo project, solo as in no other participants, as something I thought of as a "hobby project". As so many times before plans changes and the project became more and more important to me. Long story short: I recently finished the album and it's to be released on February 1st both on vinyl and on download & streaming services worldwide. It's titled A'S AS IS and I'm really happy and proud of it. Can't wait for you to hear it!

As a result of that I'm embarking a solo tour in Denmark starting February 1st thru April 1st. Hope to see you out there! Until then: take care and be nice to other people. 

Love, Aske




C'est vrai! C'est une grande féte! Going to Paris tomorrow morning to play four shows with great musicians from both DK and FR. Very exited! If you are around you can catch us at:

05.22.16: @ 8:30 pm, Féte de la Cité, Fondation Danoise, Cité Universitaire

05.23.16: @ 9 pm, Les Nautes (Bastille)

05.25.16. @ 10 pm, Le Baiser Salé (Chatelet)

05.26.16: @ 9 pm, Aux Petits Joueurs (Lilas)

Á bien tôt! 


Getting ready...

couldn't figure what photo to upload at this point so here's an add for the Fanø Festival!

At this point I'm working my way towards the release of my new album, Luna Plena Super Me, on April the 16th. The artwork is done and sent to be printed, radio interview with both national and regional radio stations are piling up, adverts and video teasers are being made and soon a music video for the song My Heart Is A Muscle will be ready. Lots of work still ahead, though! Will be playing promo shows in record stores, yes, they do still exist, at least if we are talking vinyl. I am also preparing a tour around DK to talk to all kinds of local medias such as newspapers, radio and TV stations, web-tv etc. 

In May I will be going to Sweden to play a few gigs with my beloved Swedish friends and bandmates, Micke, Clas and Fredrik. Awesome players and such a joy to hang with in general. Pretty exited about getting to play the new material with the guys!

Right after that I will be playing a Festival on the Danish island of Fanø and then straight to Paris, France, to play for week. Late spring in Paris, can you imagine? It's gonna be absolutely lovely. If things turns out the way I hope for we will be joined by the wonderful and world class US drummer Jeff Ballard who is 1/3 of Brad Mehldau's trio and has been living in Paris for about six years now.

Will be back soon with more news and maybe reviews and stories from the road. Stay happy and healthy! 

As Santa as it gets at this point.....

Another busy and exciting year is coming to its conclusion. Lots of new adventures has been experienced and new friends and connections has been made, among them my very joyful and promising collaboration with my new Swedish band, Guitarist Clas Olofsson, bass player Fredrik Landh and drummer Micke Dahlén, with whom I did gigs at the Live@Heart Festival in Örebro, Sweden, this year. Happy to announce that we are preparing a tour in Sweden May 2016.

Al Lindrum and I formed a Dance/Trance duo and did a version of the titlesong of my latest album, Chant. It got released late August 2015 by Music For Dreams and seems at this point to stand a fair chance of getting airplay on DK National Radio P3.....

In June I went to L.A. to meet up and record with the mighty Tony Scherr and the one and only Jim Keltner once more. Felt about twice as good as the first time, as we knew each other this time and interacted much more like a band. Love those guys - and Morgan Stratton, the engineer at Sunset Sound, too! I came back home with 10 songs (in the end I left one out) and then worked them good together with my beloved friend, producer and drummer Jakob Høyer. We did sound treatments and overdubbed strings, horns and a little keyboards and handed it to Flemming Rasmussen to mix, which he did beautifully - as always. Finally, I took it to The Cutting Room, Stockholm, Sweden, to get it mastered properly by the great Björn Engelmann. The album is going to be called Luna Plena Super Me and is to be released in the early spring of 2016. Can't wait! So proud of that album!

A new and exciting collaboration seems to be coming from Paris, France, where I'm about to start working with keyboardist Johan Dalgaard, originally from DK but has been living and working in France since 1998. He and I and a Parisian rythm section are to play a handful of shows in Paris May 2016, right before the Swedish tour!

Also, an English band lead by bass player Fabian Bonner is gonna start working. We will be playing a two weeks tour in the southern half of England in the end of August and the beginning of September 2016.

Last, but not least, I aim to play solo promo shows spring 2016 in conjunction with the album release,  as many festivals in Denmark with my great Danish band (Rune Funch - gtr, Daniel Franck - b, Jakob Høyer - dm) as we possibly can and a DK tour, also with the band, in October/November 2016. Look forward to it all!

I hope to see you all out and about listening to great live music with me and my band(s) as well as many other exciting bands and solo artists. Until then: Take good care of yourselves and each other and a merry christmas and the happiest new year ever to all! XO, Aske


Mastering engineer Björn Engelmann shakes his head in awe about how great his work sounds!

Sitting at The Cutting Room, the reknowned mastering studio in Stockholm, Sweden, enjoying the beauty of this Scandinavian October day, and trying to take it in: My new album has now been mastered! Relief and a perculiar sense of emptyness has taken over. But i'm not done yet! Have to figure out a great cover for the album! Well, right now I'm gonna take a stroll through this lovely city and pop in to some nice winebar and have myself a nice glas of wine - I think I deserve a tiny bit of celebration after all! 


Release! This calls for celebration! My song, title track of my latest album, Chant, has been released today as a dance track! This rendition of the song, made by the dynamic duo Jacoby & Lindrum, comes in a dance version as well as a Deep Mix and a Dub Mix. Available for downloading and streaming on iTunes and Spotify now! Check it out here: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/rechant-single/id1039828085